Over the muscle placement vs. under the muscle

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I'm considering breast augmentation and have thus far met with two different doctors. Both docs were recommended by friends and have excellent reputations. One doctor told me, based on the firmness of my breast tissue, lack of breast sag and tightness of skin (I've never had children, 30 yrs old, 5'5", 130 lbs., athletic, 34b) that I could go with over-the-muscle placement. However, the other doctor said he never performs over-the-muscle because he feels it does not yield the best, most natural results, and made no mention of my body type. I'm so confused--what is the best option?

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I heard a woman say once that she had implants and she wished whe would have had them put behind the muscle. Im not sure what she meant. Could you explain the difference of in front or behind the muscle and which is best.
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