Anyone Have a 'Muscle Flap' or 'Fat Flap' Butt Augmentation?

  • Liveheroically
  • North Texas
  • 1 year ago

Howdy all. Wanted to see if anyone in our community has gotten a butt augmentation using either a 'fat flap' or 'muscle flap' technique. There's wayyy too much out there on brazilians, and not enough on actual cut-and-tuck lifts which are enhanced with other augmentation options.

As you all likely know already, the Brazilian harvests fat via liposuction and re-injects it into the butt. Around 50-70% of that re-injected fat stays put permanently.  The fat flap (also called a 'mustache flap') is most commonly used during body lifts, and is, I think, the same concept of moving fat from one spot in the body to the butt, just in a big chunk (shaped like a mustache, hence the nickname!) as opposed to liquefying and injecting (the bbl).

The muscle flap is, again I think, where they take the actual butt muscle and fold it upwards onto itself to create the augmentation.  I could have these wrong, but that's how I'm understanding them at present.   Does anyone out there have any experience with these methods? If so, I'm very interested to hear about your experience, suggestions, pros, cons, lessons learned, etc.  I'm concerned about what I've been reading on fat necrosis that often plagues the fat flap technique, and I can't find hardly anything on the muscle flap technique besides a couple scientific reports published in medical journals.

Should mention that I'm 26 days post-op from tt, and just starting research into phase caboose! I want to know all options out there, not just the Hollywood-hyped ones. Helps me be better informed and armed with the right questions when I go see me surgeon (I ask a lot of questions too!!).  :) Thanks all!