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Has anyone had muscle burning?

  • Kig123
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies-  I am almost 9 weeks post op. surgery was jan 14th. Just started having burning muscle pain in upper abdomen area last week. Ps said prob just from the MR and I've been working out again. It's so annoying!  Can't even throw a baseball to my son without the burning sensation. I actually just purchased another binder to wear again which does help.  This binder is so much more comfortable than my original one and you can't even see it under clothes! Bonus:). 

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omg yes!! but it was in my sternum upper muscle area when i was 1-4 weeks. now i just get like weird muscles around my hip area burning
Nobody had experienced a burning/ pain sensation in upper abs? Only happens when i actually have to USE my abs but still stops me in my tracks! Anyone??

Thanks for your post! I'm sorry you're experiencing the burn. That sounds annoying! Here's what some doctors said to another RealSelf member who was experiencing burning (albeit, she was two weeks post op). Hope this helps!