Multiple Facial Procedures Plus Cheek Implants is This Too Much at Once?

  • Carminee
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • 1 year ago

Hi if anyone has had multiple procedures performed at once especiall any FFS related I would love your opinion on recovery, healing etc... I am looking to have surgery in the next few weeks and have the following procedures: Brow Bone Reduction Chin Contour Tracheal Shave Minor Revision Rhinoplasty Upper Lip Lift (also having BA from 600cc silicon mod+ up to 800cc Silicon High Profile) I am considering cheek implants but im wondering whether the bandaging after surgery for chin/brow will put pressure on the cheek area and push them forward whist they are healing? Or possibly this is too many procedures at once? It seems like a lot when I see it in writing im nervous! Any comments/ suggestions/ tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance x