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How can i get my parents to let me get Rhinoplasty?

  • sky777
  • Wichita falls Tx
  • 2 years ago

Okay so I'm 14 about to be 15 in march. And I really want a "Nose job" to fix this horrible looking bump on my nose, it bothers me really bad I've had it since...well forever. I look in the mirror everyday and just want to cry I hate my nose so bad. I don't go to public school because I know everyone will make fun of me. My parents try to say things like "Nothing wrong with you're nose" Or "You look beautiful the way you are" but I know there lying I've had tons of people ask if i've broke my nose or what happend to it. I've asked my parents to let me get rhinoplasty and they say "Okay, will talk to a doctor about it." But they never do! It annoys me that they don't seem to care about my feelings or self asteem at all, I wear really big geeky glasses to over it up..well I don't know if it covers up the bump but it makes me feel better when i wear them. What should i do?