Any More Pictures of Dr. Pazmino's Work Anywhere?

  • Sit0ri
  • 2 years ago

HI,   I'm new to the site but researching this procedure for years. I live in Miami so I'm looking for some of the top doctors in this area. I was wondering if anyone who went to Dr.P has any pictures? I only seem to find a couple on this site and on his as well. That makes me a little nervous. I know people talk highly of him but it would be nice to see more of his work. Dr. Salama has a ton of pics up so that obviously makes it easy, but I can't believe he's booked until next year. I will most likely go see both of them for a consult soon. Does anyone know if both of them use the technique of injecting the fat near or into the muscle to help keep the fat alive? I know Dr. P says he injects into "layers" but does that mean into the muscle? I haven't heard anything about Dr.Salama's technique. Are both of their prices around the same?   Also has anyone had any experience with Dr. Sean Simon (Miami) or Dr. Harrell(weston i think)?  Their pics look ok but I'm not sure theyre too aggressive with the lipo or amount of CC's they inject. And I'm not too sure about their technique.   I'm looking to go for a consult asap so any info would be really helpful!!! Thanks!!!    

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Yes! I went to see him the other day. He told me that too. Good to know. He's such a nice guy! I didn't care for the girls working the front desk though. I haven't seen anyone else yet but he's having a special and is including doing my arms in the price which is pretty much a lock in for me. That is just amazing!

My only problem is the financing . I may start another post on it but I would like to hear from anyone who has used care credit. I'm in the process of building my credit and getting items deleted (through a company) and I just got my first credit card to start getting my credit up. I have a good score on equifax and a decent score on transunion but experian sees me as a ghost lol no score . Does anyone know what agency care credit uses to pull your report? I'm wondering if I should wait a couple of months to apply or not.
Hi! Yeah the one front desk girl needs her disposition checked asap. She will turn anyone off from the Dr. just with her attitude, but I digress. After the third visit they all lighten up (not that it should be that way, but I'm from a big city so I expect that some attitude but not when you are customer service). I didn't use credit care, I paid for it out of pocket. I would suggest saving up some money afterwards b/c the surgery center charges you $200 for each 30 minute increment that you are over the time alloted. I got my arms done to...they look great, but not what I expected. He pulls the fat from the back, b/c I have stretch marks on the they are smaller, but not "tight" as expected, but since my skin was already damaged (stretch marks) it wasn't that much he can do. I can hit they guy and they will be body-builder shape, so no worried there.
Hi Sit. Dr. Pazmino did inject the fat into my muscles. He stated this would prevent it from re-absorbing and help the butt keep shape. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hey Sit0ri,

Here is a list of Dr. Pazmino's reviews. If you take a look through the reviews there may be pictures to help you. You could also contact the community members who wrote the review to see if they're willing to share pics.