Well 6 more days to go!!

  • sansan01
  • New Jersey, NJ
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I have 6 days before surgery an I realize so much people have gas an constipation, I would like to share some of the things I got an will be making before my surgery cause I use to suffer with plenty gas until I started to use these things.  Post raisin bran cereal, or fiber one bar  very high in fiber, best time to have is for dinner. So in the morning all gas an waste is out. Some times ginger tea or plain warm water is good. Oatmeal is very good also made from scratch. An lentil peas or red  beans soup very high in protein. In Lentil peas soup I use carrot, onion, peppers,broccoli, small dumplings, an season to your taste plenty water so I can drink the warm broth. Very good for gas. An I always mash my beans while cooking. Also fish soup with green Banana, pumpkin, carrot, dumpling, peppers, onion water season to taste. no salt. I will freeze in small containers an drink everyday instead of wondering  what I'm going to eat or have things that will give gas. Also this will satisfy u. Hope this can help.  

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