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Bruising and swelling 6 months after Radiesse under eyes

  • radiesse wreck
  • cleveland
  • 4 years ago

I had radiesse uner eyes 6 months ago, still swollen, bruised, and itchy! Bio Form will not help, or answer any questions. So, does anybody have any solutions? I look like I have been punched in the eyes, and I feel this has really taken its toll on me. I have become depressed and withdrawn. Also, I have tried various creams, supplements, message, etc. There isn't even a concealer heavy enough to cover it.

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Im having the same problem and im so scared. I've never had discoloration under my eyes like this, looks like someone beat me up hard! Im olive mediterranean skin color and i've alwaya taken care of my under eye skin , so this Radiesse in my cheekbone area left me looking like a football player:(( Any suggestions?