7 months post op & still swelling...

  • mboyer48
  • 1 year ago

I really need some advise from fellow tummy tuckers. I had mini TT with lipo in May 2012. Since the surgery, I have gained 12 lbs and seem to have gained weight in areas that were never a problem before? My back fat is hideous (way too many rolls) and my thighs are thunderous (never a problem before). I have heard that when you have lipo that you will get bigger in other areas? To add insult to injury I am peri menopausal and am feeling more insecure about my body than I was before my surgery. Will the swelling in my abdomen every stop? It doesn't matter what size pants I am wearing 8,10,12. They will leave marks on my belly that indicate that they are too tight, when that really is not the case (they zip up and button with ease). Am I just overly critcial of my body? Will this all get better? I also feel like when I exercise the swelling is worse? WTH?        

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Thanks for your post! I have heard that that's a possibility with lipo, but haven't heard it confirmed. Sorry about the perimenopause. I know that can add layers of complexity to our existing insecurities!

Have you given your surgeon a call to ask about the continuous swelling you're experiencing?

No, I was supposed to have an appointment in December 2012. However, I cancelled it because I am so embarrassed by the weight gain. I think that I will get myself R/S and check in with him. Thanks.