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I am 4 months post op and sick with fever, cough and a minor cold ?

  • Rino F
  • westchester, NY
  • 3 years ago

I was just curious if any medications , antibiotics can effect the healing or increase swelling . Such medications include ibuprofen advil, motrin etc or any other antibitics that can be prescribed? also any tips or adivices to be advised when sick post op of rhino thanks . ( 4 months post-op)

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Ugh, how awful to be sick post-rhinoplasty. If anything, it seems like nsaids like ibuprofen (which is what both advil and motrin are) would decrease swelling. I don't know about antibiotics. I'm sure you could call your plastic surgeon's office and get some guidelines on caring for a cold or infection even when you're 4 months post-op. Drink lots of liquids to keep your secretions thinner. I found those Breathe-Right nasal strips to be extremely helpful.  Hope this helps!