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9 Months Post-Op and Still Having Issues?

  • lala999
  • Overland Park, KS
  • 1 year ago

I got lipo 9 months ago and i am having all kinds of issues. My outer thighs have some indentions in some spots, to where it just doesn't look smooth. When i massage my outer thighs, the texture feels bumpy. I have cellulite, but I am not thinking that is the problem. It's the actual silhouette of my outer thighs.

I also now have a banana roll under my bottom and even had that touched up 3 months ago and it barely helped at all. It looks weird in clothing, and its very notciable.  Also, I got lipo on my upper arms and they are very bulgey now. I don't know what to make of all of it, but I am just very disappointed.

My PS said he won't do anymore touch ups (he did one on my banana roll), so I don't know what my other options are...I paid over 5,000 for this surgery and I feel like I should be satisfied. My overall proportions are better, but these issues are really weighing me down and upsetting me.

Did anyboddy else have these kinds of issues 9 months post op? Am I still swollen?

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Healing can take up to a year. Also liposuction can leave uneven skin and lumps. Some go away with time. However, if you have cellulite, liposuction does not fix that. Perhaps you could do a skin tightening procedure, this could help smooth the results. Good luck, and I'm sure you look great! Hope you feel better.
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thank you. I am still glad I did it for the most part, I am just really unhappy with the unevenness that there is now. I am not 1 year post op and everything still looks the same at the 9 month point. I gained about 6 or 7 pounds after surgery as well, so I need to get that weight off and see if it helps the way it looks. If it doesn't, I am going to go back to my PS and see what my options are...
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Hi there, welcome.

I've put a couple of links below, to a couple of other discussions that you may find useful. Take a look through and don't be afraid to leave a comment, or send a private message to some community members. The community is great and they're usually always willing to help!

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Hope this helps!


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