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2 months PO & have a hole in incision that is taking long time to heal .... Anyone else experience this?

  • lisagaye
  • Calgary, AB Canada
  • 3 years ago

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I had my TT June 14. I have had several incision issues. Some are on my review, the last couple have not been. A couple of weeks ago, I had a spot that didn't look good, so my doc opened it up - another hole I got to pack. after 1 week, he still didn't like the way it looked, so he opened me up (again), removed some scar tissue and closed it. so, I have abt 2 inches of stitches. I am thinking that this is probably it...I am 3 months out...surely I am I had a hole around 3 weeks - kept it for a looonnnngggg time because I was overpacking it. As soon as I quit overpacking it, it closed within 1 week. At 5 weeks, I was leaking serous fluid, so he cut me open in 2 places, all the way back inside - both incisions were about 2 inches long. hang in there - some of us don't get the straight forward recovery and it takes some of us a lot longer :)