3 Months After Lip Reduction, Too Soon to Know Final Results?

  • TheCrow
  • 2 years ago

I had a lip reduction procedure done on 11/2/11 on both lips. I am a 27 old male I can see the change on the lower lip but i can't see the decrease in the upper lip. Although, i am still pretty swollen on the mustache area. I am almost 3 months into the procedure and i am still swollen. Also I was wondering, will the swelling on the mustache area and lower lip area decreased with time?? Is it normal that the top lip is a little bit bigger than the bottom? I am assuming that the top lip will shrink when the swollenness in the top area lessens.   Anyone else has had a lip reduction?  How many months until the internal swelling vanishes and the final results are settled?

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How are your results now?
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How are you doing now? Has the swelling gotten any better?

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