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Laser treatment to tighten sagging neck skin after facelift revision?

  • NHaven
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 3 years ago

Four months after face lift revision to more fully undermine the neck, the neck skin is sagging. Will laser treatment help tighten the skin? The neck muscle still feels tight but the skin is not conforming to the tightness.

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I had very expensive fraxel treatment to my neck. First I had three of the middle of the three lasers, then I had the expensive one that takes one time and they put your under with anesthetic. They did clear the skin up, but the tightening was not worth mentioning. Fraxel may be good for smoothing texture of skin and sun brown spots, but I found it to be worthless for tightening.
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Thanks for the feedback. Fraxel looks like a big procedure with a fairly long recovery. I'm happy your skin texture has improved and I appreciate your honest comment about not tightening. You know, the docs will tell you what you want to hear!
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