1 month ago Mohs surgery BCC on bridge of nose. if anyone has same exp. please share how scar looks after 6-12 months thank you

  • shakes
  • 11 months ago

One month ago I had a BCC removed from the bridge of my nose. I am very concerned about the end result of scaring. If anyone has had the same Mohs surgery on the bridge of the nose, please share photos or your experience concerning how good the scar healed on the bridge of your nose. My Mohs surgeon came highly recommended by a plastic surgeon, and I was told that in 6-12 months I will be please with the end results concerning scaring. Please help and share your same experiences with me. in advance I thank you.

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Order silicone sheeting from Rejuveness and their skin tape and wear this every night for 3-5 months. Usually in 2.5 months you can't see the scar if you are faithful in wearing it for 8 hours daily. Don't use the cheap knock offs at the drug store.