One month after Liposuction (lower abdomen)

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  • 2 years ago

Hello everyone, need some reassurance! I had lipo done in my lower abdomen May 18th (almost a month ago) I am getting the popular side effect buldge, tenderness ect. I have noticed that some days it looks swollen more than other days. Any thoughts? I was recommended by doctor to not use the garment anymore and to massage in the shower with a lufa. My stomach still feels very hard. Does this actually go away? I mean really, I am three weeks away from vacation and want this gone ASAP..any recommendations??

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my doctor told me 6 months before results
Yes.I see that you are looking good.
Hello Kristy!

Yes, I have seen imporvement, the buldging is not as big, however I am still swollen (not painful, but still there) everytime I wear something tight around the waist the budlge shows more. is this normal?

Swelling is different for everyone, so I'm not sure if it's normal or not. When is your next follow-up with your doctor?

You can use our ask a doctor feature. You input your question and it then gets passed to board certified doctors to reply. This may be helpful for you.


Hi Aisha,

I haven't had Lipo myself, but I have read that the bulging and swelling can take several months to reduce after surgery. Have you seen any changes now it's almost 1 month post-op?