One month after Liposuction (lower abdomen)

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  • 2 years ago

Hello everyone, need some reassurance! I had lipo done in my lower abdomen May 18th (almost a month ago) I am getting the popular side effect buldge, tenderness ect. I have noticed that some days it looks swollen more than other days. Any thoughts? I was recommended by doctor to not use the garment anymore and to massage in the shower with a lufa. My stomach still feels very hard. Does this actually go away? I mean really, I am three weeks away from vacation and want this gone ASAP..any recommendations??

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my doctor told me 6 months before results
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Yes.I see that you are looking good.
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Hello Kristy!

Yes, I have seen imporvement, the buldging is not as big, however I am still swollen (not painful, but still there) everytime I wear something tight around the waist the budlge shows more. is this normal?
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Swelling is different for everyone, so I'm not sure if it's normal or not. When is your next follow-up with your doctor?

You can use our ask a doctor feature. You input your question and it then gets passed to board certified doctors to reply. This may be helpful for you.

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Hi Aisha,

I haven't had Lipo myself, but I have read that the bulging and swelling can take several months to reduce after surgery. Have you seen any changes now it's almost 1 month post-op?

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