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  • 5 months ago

Have been reading some of the post on here. I too could not save my teeth. I researched for 2 months on dentures verses implants. I new that if I could find a way to have All on 4 that I'd do it. My dentist pulled my remaining teeth in 4 2 week apart appointments, he didn't want to but he did. I'm from Michigan I went to Mexico to a clinic after many, many calls and information I read about the clinic. It was a 4 day procedure. First day titanium implants, second day wax mold lab made dentures. I wanted them to look as natural as my own teeth of course I showed them a picture of my smile first set made was to big waited they made another set still not right they made another set went back 3ed day had them put in. They had to make adjustments that was done in the office this was done Starting Oct.28 2013. Last day they the Dr. And whole staff stayed 2 hours later to have everything right, it was Halloween they all had kids that were out tricker treating sure they missed most of it. I left for home on Fri. Nov. 1st. Not any pain. I still had good bone. If you pay cash it's 10% discount. I paid $6,000. I did pray and listened to my own instincts before I did this. Totally satisfied! I'm 55 years old. They are guaranteed for 5 years.

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Which doctor did you go to?  You should do a review (of the procedure and the doctor) and show us pictures.  That is such an amazing price--cheaper than veneers!  

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