Monday....October 1st

  • lovelessofme
  • Illinois
  • 2 years ago

is my BR. I am going from a 36 HH to a C cup. This is being done by my wonderful insurance company. I will wake up with my stylish surgical bra...but wondering at what point do I need to purchase a sportsbra? I did buy a 36C bra...and its hanging as a decoration right now... I am excited, nervous, happy, and scared. I am not sure what to expect after I wake up... 1 day and 9 hours...getting closer :)

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Congrats, how are you feeling?
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Drans came out today :) one week is sooo long with them. I have both "headlights" working. My doc is 45 minutes away and the worst part was the bumpy roads, As they bounce--prior I had 2 pound weghts on there. I am so pleased with my decision,,,They are the size I was in 6/7th grade...I am thankful for my hubby took a weeks vacation to do everything,,,,
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