Non-Moms 20/30s - haven't had kids yet but might later?

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  • 2 years ago

Hi,   I'm 31, lost a lot of weight, want to get everything tightened up (mommy makeover) but i'm single and don't have kids.  however, I might want kids sometime in the future and i'm a little nervous about having them after the surgery (breastfeeding after a breast lift)  in my doc consult the doc said "most likely i will be able to breast feed"   does anyone else share this experience?  i would love to hear other peoples ideas about this.   thanks!

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I have had one child and am a single mom... I've talked to some of the PS's and been told that there's no particular medical reason why I shouldn't have children after a TT and BL. There aren't increased risks for complications in future pregnancies after a mommy makeover, however I've been cautioned that I would likely need a re-do or some kind of revisions after having future children. The message I came away with was "if you want to do it, and you want to have children later, make sure that you're comfortable with spending a lot of money and then having the effects gone after." So, I decided that given I don't want more children until I am about 30 (5+ years away for me, and I have an IUD to guarantee that) I'm comfortable spending the money for this. I am in my mid twenties and want to enjoy my body now. I'm also a SINGLE mom, so it's important to me to be attractive and not have to mess with rejection from a potential spouse who is expecting me to have a 24 year old body - not one that looks in its 60s. :\ I'd say that your relationship status/stability should be a factor. If you're with a long term partner that you are planning a future/possible children with, hold off. You have found someone who loves you for you and don't have to mess with the dating game with a body you're uncomfortable in. If not, - if you're like me and not yet settled down with anyone, and you feel like the surgery would boost your confidence in your youth (I still consider 30 fairly young) then I'd say go for it. They say there is a slight chance you may not be able to breastfeed but realistically many women who have never had surgery just can't breastfeed either. I am someone who had to work very hard and take supplements and manage my diet closely to breastfeed. There are lots of women who just can't and you wouldn't know til you had children anyway. I don't think the risk for it is very high as with a lift, they leave the nipple attached to the breast tissue and the nerves intact. Good luck!
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First of all, congratulations on your weight loss. That's terrific! Here's what some doctors have to say about breasts lifts and breast feeding and here's what they have to say about getting pregnant after a tummy tuck (you may need a re-do). Hope this helps!

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