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MommyMakeover with Dr Salama?

  • MinnieMommy
  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • 2 years ago

Hi! So i was thinking about after my BBL, i'll do my Mommy Makeover. I've found a Dr here in Canada and he charges 17 400$. I dont know why I didn't thought about Dr Salama doing something else then BBL.. So i went on his website and saw the before/after pictures and i love the results! But Dr Salama charges 7 999$ (well that's the price I saw on the website). Honestly, I'm not cheap for my body, but there's a BIG difference in the prices! So I wanted to know if there's ladies on RS who've done it with Dr Salama.. Want to see the pictures, know the prices, etc. Thank you ladies Xo