Mommy make over on the 16th of March. 20yrs old and a nervous wreck.

  • YoungMommy21
  • Miami, FL
  • 2 years ago

Hi, My name is Denisse and I am going to have plastic surgery on the 16th of March. I am a mommy of one beautiful 2 yr old. And this surgery will be life changing for me. I gained over 70lbs with my pregnancy and my body was never able to go back to how it used to be despite the dieting and exercise. Same thing with my breasts. I would like to hear from those who have gotten the surgery and those waiting to get it. P.s- I am new here. Thank you all.

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Hi there! I'm glad you found RealSelf!

I'm going to suggest that you start your story in the Mommy Makeover review community. There you can update your story as you go and, if desired, add photos and video.

This is going to be a very big deal, and the more support you can get, the better. :)

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