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Anyone have mommy makeover with the added complication of diabetes?

  • diabetic momma
  • syracuse, NY
  • 2 years ago

I am a diabetic mother of 2, which means my babies were huge and ruined my initially small frame.  My daughter was 10.1lbs and my son 11.4lbs.  My surgery is 1 week from today, Oct 1st, and I am sooo nervous and anxious!  My main concern is obviously my sugars and maintaining them as I have NEVER had surgery before.  Anyone have any input on what I should expect?  I do realize everyone is different, I am just very anxious about it.  Thanks!

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I can understand your concern. It sounds like the doctors who care for you have given you the all clear, though. Here's the review of a woman who had a tummy tuck with Type 1. You might connect with her. Here's what some doctors have to say about diabetics getting tummy tucks. And here's what some doctors told a diabetic woman about to get a breast augmentation. I hope these links help!