If you're getting a Mommy Makeover in October 2014, check in here!

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Tell us a little about yourself and why you want this done. Let's connect!

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I am scheduled for 10/2/14 MM-Breast Aug with breast/nipple mastopexy(lift) on right side & Full TT with Lipo around belly/sides. Going from size 36B to a D cup, PS said about 425-450cc silicone.
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Hello! I'm scheduled for October 10th with Dr. Colwell at MGH in Boston. I'm 43 years old and have a combination of factors that led me to the decision to have surgery. I had gastric bypass and have kept off over 100lbs for three years now (yay!). That along with a pregnancy and breastfeeding led to excess, saggy skin, huge loss of volume in the boobs, etc. Before the GB, I'd been heavy my entire life and had been a solid DD. Now I'm a deflated C. Sigh. I really miss my chest. Anyway, I decided to go with a full belt lipectomy along with a breast lift and augmentation. I'm excited but scared and nervous. My PS highly recommended the full belt lipectomy as opposed to just a TT because of the excess skin from the gastric bypass. I trust her judgment but yikes, kinda scared about this part. For the BL/BA, I decided to go with silicone and am pretty sure I'll go with 400cc +/-. It's really hard to envision what my chest will look like considering I'm doing the BL at the same time. I've done sizers at the doctor's office but it's still tough to know how close that will be to reality, how it will look with a much smaller stomach, etc. I just know that I want my girls back to full volume! Looking forward to hearing from other October ladies :)
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