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I'm 5 weeks out from a TT with MR and a BA. While I love my tummy, I'm now in tears over BA. I had always planned on getting a TT since the birth of my twins in 2008. After developing a hernia, it became more urgent. I had never really thought about my breasts bc I was always focused on my stomach but they were rather deflated after breast feeding three children. My husband made the joke that I should get it done while I'm getting a TT. Although, I laughed it off, it planted a seed and soon, I was wanting fuller breast to go with my flatter tummy. I stressed I wanted to only go up a cup size, I did not want my family to notice and I didn't want it to affect my marathon training/running. I expressed my concern to my PS that I was afraid to go too big, I went into his office numerous times to try on different sizes. I had requested a 339 cc. On the day of surgery, I awoke to discover he has used 375's. He is an amazing surgeon and I trusted he knew best. I was huge immediately after but not panicked as I knew I was swollen. It has been 5 weeks and I'm still huge. I look fine in sweatshirts and big clothes but I look ridiculous in regular, cute clothes. I tried to go shopping last night. I was so excited to not have to but maternity looking shirts to hide my always 4 months pregnant looking belly. I work out so hard and eat very clean. I'm under my pre pregnancy weight but always feel self conscience bc of tummy. Now, my stomach is flatter then ever but everything I tried on last night made me look huge bc of my huge chest. I was devastated. I wish I had never done the BA. And now I'm reading things that say as I DF they'll only look fuller?! Can any of you tell me if you experienced anything like this?
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Do you have any pics?
I was very worried as mine looked cartoonish at first. I hated them and thought everyone would notice! Be patient as they will settle and appear less swollen and high.
Yes do u have pics so we can see what u r talking about?
I will try to post some pics. Can I do that here, in this forum? Or do I need to post them in my profile? I'm still kinda new to RS. ;)
On your profile! I posted some recently, its easy!
On yr profile. Just do it directly from your smartphone
Ok, I must be a bonehead. Where is the option to add pics? When I went to my profile, I could only find the option to upload a profile pic, but nothing else.
Never mind! I figured out that you need to write a "review" in order to post progressive photos. Is this correct? So with that I'm now in the process of writing a review so that I can post some pics. Thanks, ladies!
U got it!
Hey ladies, I just recently found realself.com and absolutely love it and have found great advice after my tummy tuck with MR and hernia repair and a BA. I'm 29 days PO today. And while I love my new flat tummy (finally have a belly button again after 3 kids!) I'm panicking bc I feel like I'm ballooning up everywhere else! I started briskly walking about 2 weeks ago. I don't know if it could be swelling but I hate it! I'm religiously counting calories, measuring food intake, etc. I'm always at a caloric deficit and eat pretty clean. My worry is that it's not swelling but fat bc it seems to be everywhere, not just my abdomen. I haven't had any lipo but I feel like my legs are bigger. Have any of you experienced this? If so, how long did it last? Thank you! Happy healing!
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Hi! Welcome!!! I was just saying the same thing to my husband. My legs feel huge! Monday will be 6 weeks for me. My doc released me to start doing the elliptical. But I'm a little behind because of my seroma. I struggle with patience...lol. I find that things are cyclical for me. There are days I feel like things look great and then I feel huge again. I guess that's par for the course. Good luck to you!!!
Welcome to the group! Yes I feel that way too but I still allow myself cheat days and I enjoy going out for a few beers! The way I see it is that over the last 6 weeks That I was not cleared to workout, I maintained. As soon as I get the go ahead at week 8 I am going to really see results then!!
Hey I'm Po 6 weeks and am now going through it, I just had the tt and ba, no lipo. It's not severe but I too clean eat and should b dropping in size not gaining. I just started back powerwalking last week and gym this week . I hope it goes away soon but I know it's swelling cause my binder leaves imprints in my skin cause its so squiggy
Thank you for your reply! I'm so glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. I didn't have any lipo so I wasn't expecting swelling in my things! I can barely put my jeans on! My doc released me at 4 weeks, to my surprise, to do any kind of exercise I wanted (including running, crossfire, weight training, etc) as long as it wasn't uncomfortable. I'm only comfortable doing brisk walking, elliptical and light weight training as everything else seems to strain my MR too much. But I adjusted my diet accordingly to the decrease if activity. It seems I didn't start gaining weight until I started exercising! It's so frustrating! I know I need to be more patient! I'm so thankful for this community with others who are going through the same thing as I am!
Sorry all the typos! Damn autocorrect! :/
I agree we have maintained and now I'm back into it, the real results will start shining through
I'm experiencing the fat legs now!!! I must admit, I am up 2-3 kilos on the new scales , but they r different scales from preop! I am thinking cause my tummy is now so flat, I'm feeling the legs r huge..........but n maybe they're really not@ :-))
So I had my 6 week checkup with my ps the other day. Everything was great! And for being a loyal customer (a$22000.00 later) he gave me a voucher for botox. U think they're trying to tell me something? Anyway I'm unsure whether to use it or not. Anyone tried botox before? I'm sure it would hury! Ouch
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I also had the same offer. It was a perk offered by my implant company. I'm also not sure about it. I know it sounds dumb, but it worries me more than all this stuff I had done!
Yeah, I got the same thing...actually a choice of Botox or Latisse. I've been considering the eyelash stuff...but am not sure.
Hahaha! Me 2! Probably cause we can't hide our face under clothes if something goes wrong!
SO true! They took some "after" pictures at my appointment yesterday. And will do some more at 3/6 months. They asked if I would let them use them as before and afters (without my face)...doc is super happy with the results, but I am still so frustrated. Especially with this seroma! I'm just trusting him that it will all look good when I'm done!!!
Yeah me too! Mine was also very happy and wants to use my pics- definitely a improvement on my preop photos!