If you're getting a mommy makeover in March or April, 2014, please check in here!

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Tell us a little about yourself and why you want this done and let's support each other through this journey.

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For those of you cleared to exercise - what's best to start with? I am almost 6 weeks & have been doing light elliptical & power walking. At 6 weeks I get the all clear but nervous to dive back in. What was your experience like going back to "real" exercise?
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It's tough, it feels good to be working out but there are so many things I can't do at my group workouts. Like chest workouts, Dr said no to them for at least 6 months and to be careful with my abs. I went twice last week and I have to say what little ab exercises i did kicked my butt! By my second workout, I could barely move any part especially my abs and didn't do any that day.
Has anyone had experience with suture rejection on their tt incision? Hop over to my review. ., I posted a pic of it last night. :( I am worried.
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I could use some encouragement! I am 30 days post op of my mommy makeover. I still have my drain in (I only had one put in) I feel like I've been healing rather well, feeling pretty good. I have only been doing a 10 min slow walk, per my PS orders. Today I have developed a pretty large mass above my incision site on my left side, about 2"hX6"w. My drain is on my right side. I have been taking it easy, massaging, wearing my compression garment, eating pretty well, drinking tons of water, taking vitamins, ect... Anyone have any similar thing happen to them? I'm going to PS tomorrow but it would help me to know if anyone else went through something like this? Even just the drain still being in after 30 days??
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How did it go at your doc? I hope you are recovering ok!
Well I got the drain out but the next day had to go back to drain a hematoma. So now I have another drain in that's open on each end. Crazy! I do love my DR. He is really on top of everything . I have to just keep reminding myself that this is a slow process!
Does anyone else feel a little like a water balloon? The swelling it out of control some days. 7 days post-op. Second/last drain out today. Anything that helps with the swelling other than time?
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I didn't have too much swelling until I went back to work yesterday and now I am very swollen.
Compression garments, and drink lots of water. Your still early in your recovery so don't overdo it. Take it easy. Hope this helps and good luck
5 Days post op. I was able to go grocery shopping, out to lunch, take a nap and then out to dinner with friends. I have been able to walk standing straight up since day 2/3. My pain is minimal. I can get up and down by myself and go to the bathroom alone. I'm wearing jeans over my compression garment. I did have a pain pump that was removed with one of my drains on day 3 post op. I was in excellent shape before my TT and BL. My abdomen is SWOLLEN and slightly hard but not painful. I'm wondering if I should be concerned because of my easy recovery or grateful? I feel like I should still be hunched over waiting for my skin/muscles to stretch out. I have slight muscle pain with certain movements but I feel great. I work as a nurse and I could probably return to work at this point (still get fatigued). Am I super atypical? it's causing me stress and worry... :/
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Congratulations, but I'm not sure how much being in shape has to do with it. As a nurse, you know what trauma your body has undergone. It's not the strength of your muscles, per se, but the healing of them. I find it hard to believe that your body has some super charged ability to heal that the rest of us do not. Minimally, possibly, but I would caution you that you seem to be overly enthusiastic about being "super atypical." Atypical perhaps, but considering yourself super anything may lead to you overdoing and thereby compromising your huge investment. Just my thoughts, of course, but I'm not sure your post isn't a bit of a brag story rather than a sincere question to the RS community. All the best -- I hope you continue healing well.
You must be one of the very rare and lucky ones. Wonder woman I'm clearly not. I had a great recovery, but more like 5 weeks before I felt remotely normal and 8 weeks to feel really good again. Why would you stress and worry about feeling great? Half your luck! Keep up the great recovery and don't overdo it. Best wishes :-)
Thats amazing - it took me far longer to walk straight! I think that each person heals differently. I was running over 7 miles a day (or cross training) before surgery and can tell you I still have random pains over 3 weeks post op. Are you off all pain meds and have your drains out? I would definitely continue to take it easy and nap - your body just went through a huge surgery so take advantage of time off to rest!
I would say feel lucky! As far as the swelling...I have heard more rest can help. So even if you don't nap, kick your feet up for an hour or two every weekend. I had somewhat of a delay in the tightness and feel it more now at 2 weeks than ever. I think it is the numbness going away that brought on more of that sensation. I am a nurse too so I understand your need to go go go. I am def happy I have a couple more weeks of rest planned! Happy healing!
I mean every afternoon lol!
Congrats!! That's great that your recovery is going so well!! Since you were in really good shape before your surgery that may have something to do with it!! Hope my recovery is smooth too!! Take Care!
I am 10 days post op and sound a lot like you. I was off the pain meds they prescribed by day two, drain came out on day 5 (due to weekend) and have walked upright since day two. I to have very minimal pain, but do get tweaks here and there. I Ann stubborn so I try to do everything I can, but also take naps. Not sure why we seen to be the "lucky ones" but I agree,and also have to remind myself, we need to take it easy. This was a huge investment and we can't see the healing on the inside that still needs to be done. :) happy healing!
Sorry for the typos, didn't proof read. Ann =am; seen= seem and there's a to that should have been too. sorry had to correct myself! :)
I just don't see a lot of "stories" like ours and it made me worry! I do take a lot of naps, and I move slowly but my situation doesn't sound like most of the stories posted online. I wanted reach out to see if other people had similar recoveries. Thanks for the reassurance! Happy Healing to all as well.
I completely agree Seattle rain. I was expecting to look and feel like I got hit by a train (ok maybe not so dramatic) but when I was off the meds within 48 hours and washing my own hair the next day I was shocked! All my friends that had boob jobs had me nervous I wouldn't be able to lift my arms or reach behind me. Nevermind me adding in stomach work. It's definitely nice to know there are other quick recovers out there. I'm already back to work, but thankfully I have a desk job. I think it would have been harder if I were on my feet all day. Barely anyone at work realized I had recently had a surgery by my posture (my clothing conceals my chest increase fairly well :)). Again good luck to you. We all know out own limitations :)
I think maybe girls who have liposuction have more pain issues? I never had to have any help showering and although the first 24-48 hrs were rough it was all managable.
I think you should be grateful that you're recovery is going so well. Did you get your BA at the same time as your BL? Was it a full TT? I didn't have any pain at all with my TT, I had all the pain in my breasts. Congrats and that's great that you're feeling great. I went back to work 10 days after my MM.
I only had a TT and BA. Lipo and BL was not something I needed. Maybe that had something to do with it?
I am 10 days post op an although I'm getting the normal itching, today I've noticed I'm also red around my hip incisions (where ever the tape fell off on both sides). Is this normal? I have no other symptoms, just the redness..
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I ITCH like crazy. Resist the urge. The redness around your incisions is typical of newly healing wounds.