Mommy Makeover from the Husbands Side

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I wanted to write this from the husbands side. I get it, don't mean to crash the party, why is a guy writing on a mommy makeover? I have no idea. Maybe partly because I helped my wife do a lot of the research. After awhile, for her, it became too overwhelming, nerve racking and alot of anxiety as well as second thoughts. So like a supportive husband I stepped in and started doing alot of the research from ps to blogs.

I have to admit, this is one of the best blogs. I used it to mentally prepare me and my wife of the expectations, time frames, and progress (based on posted pictures). Thank you ladies for posting and blogging it is a tremendous help.

So my wife is now 6 weeks post op of her mommy makeover. My wife and I have two kids which she had c-sections for both. Post surgery, I would say small breasts but, flat breasts 32 A/B are a better description, petite 5ft about 115 lbs. She, like other woman who posted had her stomach muscles stretched to the point of no return. It looked like a big biscuit on her stomach. My wife is the last person anyone would have expected to even think about a tummy tuck and no way in hell a breast aug. But she did...through a series of events that occured (another blog).

Her surgery was on May 26th. The ps did a great job. I am not a doctor but I did want to give some insights to what we experienced.

My wife's tremendous pain and discomfort came more from the breast aug vs. the tummy tuck. Getting in and out of our bed even with my assistance took tremendous time and energy. Eventually she decided to sleep in our family room on a lazy boy like chair. I would recommend this if you have one. You can't or are not suppose to use your arms for lifting, pushing, supporting etc. which makes it extremely difficult to get in the correct sitting or sleeping position, let alone out of bed to go to the bathroom.

The support garments with the pre-cut out hole for the pee. What a joke. First, the pre-cut hole in the garment is too small. My wife went to the bathroom and pee got all over the garment. I ended up using scissors and make the whole bigger, big enough so she could pee and poo.

The pain pump for the stomach worked well. I haven't seen too many post about pain coming from the tummy tuck, I know my wife didn't have any or at least couldn't feel it because she had the pain pump, I can't imagine if she had to experience the same amount of pain from both procedures. A word of advice, don't try and pull the pain pump tubes, let the ps do it. they are long. my wife had a lot of discomfort when the ps pulled them out, I would have got punched, kicked and yelled at if I attempted that at our home.

Take the pain pill medication on time with a slight overlap. By day 4 post-op my wife started feeling better and started taking half a dose of the pain med...big mistake. We say daylight by evening of day 4 post op. She had her first bowl movement. It was such relief for both of us. My wife used colace (stool softner) from the begining which didn't seem to work. We were thinking about a laxative, fiber, and prune juice but avoided it due to the gas buildup which would have caused more pain and discomfort. We had an enima on stand by if by day 5 she hadn't gone to the bathroom.

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Be careful, my wife, soon to be ex, went crazy. About a year after her mommy make over, she started acting like a teenager. Staying out all night, started to lie about where she was and who she was with. She never acted like this before. Sure the playground got a nice makeover, but I have love a woman I love dearly over her mind set change.
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***but I have lost a woman I love dearly over her mind set change.***
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Thanks for sharing this! I will let my husband know you insights
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this is the most awesome post ever!
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Silicone vs. Saline
My wife chose silicone for the feel. My thoughts are if you are currently or about to start getting mammograms check with your insurance to see if they will cover an MRI. In most cases if your OBGYN requests it due to the implants you won't have to pay the $1500 to $3000 out of pocket. If your not at that age and if it were my wife I would have recommended saline.

My wife was able to take a shower once the pain pump tubes were out. That was about day 4. She still had the drainage tubes in her. I had to shower with her since she couldn't raise her arms up.

Support Garments for TT
My wife's ps gave her a compression garment that went to the top of her knees to just above her belly button. The ps didn't like the "belly bandit" type. Each ps has their own reasons. I guess in the end, its nice to know you have a choice in the matter. My wife liked the compression garment. But was over it by week 4. She no longer wears that or the 3 spanx tank tops she purchased. I guess my advice is spend wisely.

To summarize if you asked my wife 4 days post-op she would have said it was NOT worth it. Now over 2 months post-op she sings a different tune and it was worth it. After surgery prepare your self that it COULD get worse each day as opposed to feeling better. But hang in there. Like most of the ladies who have posted, there is a big turn around within the first week, just be patient and don't be afraid to call your ps or nurse at wee hours in the morning.

TOP 5 Items Post-OP
1. Pillows, lots of pillows. or the "husband" pillow
2. Lazy Boy Chair to sleep in for 7 days.
3. Circle Blow-up Cushion to sit on. Your behind
will thank you for it by the 2nd day.
4. Colace (Enema for stand-by)
5. Loose fitting shorts like men's boxers or pajama

Fellas, give your wife, girlfriend plenty of encouragement and praise but most of all be extremely patient. I was stressed balancing her well being and our kids. If you can't do it alone I recommend bringing in a mother to help out.

Finally, I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be. These are just shared thoughts and opinions. In the end it is clearly up to you and your ps.
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Go Hubby!!  You did a great job taking care of your wife!  Way to go..

This is a completely hard process which we do need help getting through.  And what better person to help than our hubbies. 

Thank you for posting the Man side of this process.  Watch out you may have women on the site wanting to hire you as a home care nurse for their procedures:)   

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