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Is a Mommy Makeover what I need? Or am I being selfish and lazy?

  • AshTX12
  • Austin, tx
  • 2 years ago

I'm 33 and after having my two babies 16 months apart I have noticed my breast are not as full, I have a huge classic cesarean scar and just all around and old looking belly.  I have mentioned tomy spouse that I would like to do a mommy makeover Bbut he thinks that i need to workout more, eat better and I will feel better about my body.  I am 5'4 156 lbs and fairly active.  I know  I can drop more weight but I don't think that will remove the fact that I feel like my breast and tummy are not sexy anymore.   I am living in Nolanville, Tx and work full time..if I did the surgery how much time off would I need? Will I be able to pickup my babies and take care of my family?   Thank you, Undecided in Tx

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Nervous ! So, I have my first consult with PS tomorrow..and I can't sleep! I have written tons of questions and thanks to this site I feel more knowledgeable going into this consult. I will def write more once I get through with doc
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Ash - you are NOT being selfish. The better we feel good about ourselves, the more we can love those around us. You deserve to be happy more than anything,. My only caution is to make sure you are finished having your family before pursuing this. This is not something you will want to do twice. Also, do plenty of research and make sure you understand what is going to be done and the time you will need to heal. This is major surgery and as far as I'm concerned, it ranks right up there with deciding to get married, have kids and buy a house. Best wishes!
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Thanks soo much CLT,
I scheduled a consult this Tues and I am excited to speak with the doc and staff and get more of my questions answered. We are def not having any babies. I wish my hubbie could understand why I feel the need to look into this more. At first he was supportive and now he says I should just revel in my family and not worry about what I look like. :( I did not tell him about my consult. Prob not my best move
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Hi AshTX12! This website is a great support group. I just joined yesterday as well. My surgery is scheduled for 10/2 but I'm still a little undecided whether I should go through with it. I too have children that are 16 months apart, 4 and 2 1/2 and a 10yr old. Although I am slightly older, I'm 42, my body didn't bounce back either. I'm more on the petite side. But either way, when you don't look your pre-pregnancy self it does get a little depressing.
As Angiemcc mentioned, do schedule a few consultations. I went to 3. Of course, all 3 of them said I was a perfect candidate. Prepare your questions. I actually had fun at my consultations trying on different implant sizes. The surgical consultant actually suggested I purchase my target bra size which is 34C and bring them in to try more sample implants.
From what I've read you may have to take quite some time off. But everyone is different. You'll know what to do when you gather more info. Hang in there! and Good Luck!
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I'm soo excited I did schedule an appt with a doc for a consult and I found a trainer near me to help get me stronger for the recovery process! Xoxox thanks for the support
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I know how frustrating it can be to be unhappy with your body. Especially when you're just 33. You might try working out first (most doctors like their patients to be as close to a sustainable ideal weight as possible before they perform this body contouring procedure anyway), and then pursue the mommy makeover. A lot of women can't get their mojo back without surgery, while others can. It all depends on your own body.

Another thing you can do is schedule a few consultations with board certified plastic surgeons to find out your options. Sometimes you can get the fee waived if you mention RealSelf, so ask about that.

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Thank you Angie! I am working with a trainer and scheduled a consult this Tues in Austin! I have not told my husband about the consult...he has been flip flopping on me. One day it's a great idea and the next day he thinks I should be happy with what I have???
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