6 mo ago, breast lift with implant. Not feeling the like the lift was lifted much. Anyone feeling the same way?

  • shaielend
  • Madera, California
  • 3 years ago

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I'm sorry your results aren't more stellar. :(

Sometimes plastic surgery can feel like going into a dark room and feeling your way around. It's hard to predict all the variables and know exactly what to ask.

Keep us posted if you decide to get a reduction/revision. (Exactly how you want to spend your time and money, I'm sure!)

Hey Angiemcc, My implants are under muscle, My ps says they look great, ( Of course he says that! LOL) Maybe my expectations are or were not right. I have talked with Dr. and He is now suggesting a reduction. IDK, why he just didn't suggest that in the beginning. I thought I was very clear of what i wanted and I asked so many different questions about both procedures. And yes I feel that my breasts are heavier then they were before. So I guess what I am saying is, they are firmer than before, and just a bit picked up. Just not as high as expected. :(

I'm sorry you're not feeling like you got the look you wanted...Are your implants under or over muscle? Just wondering if maybe the weight of the implant somewhat counteracted the lift? Have you spoken with your surgeon about your concerns? It might be good to hear what he or she has to say about the procedure and how your tissues reacted.