Way too many mixed reviews! What is the truth about weight loss and a TT????

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  • 3 years ago

Okay, I just want little to no back fat and a flat tummy... but reviewers on this sight talk about weight loss or gain after the procedure... okay someone, really help me out here... One person says, they can't fit their clothes (which makes complete sense due to swelling and your body adjusting), then others talk about 5 - 10 lbs weight loss. So what is really up??? The before and after pics look great and it seems to me that people should be able to fit there old clothes or even smaller sizes... help? I really thought this was a body contouring procedure... so what is it really and is it different for different people? Has anyone go down inches once the swelling leaves? I'm kinda confused. Any insight would help.

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Tomorrow I am three weeks post op. I weighed myself at two weeks and had lost 8 lbs. I am wearing my regular jeans. Tummy is flat and I no longer have a muffin top which is awesome.

I have some swelling in the afternoon but overall have felt great. I can't wait til six weeks so I can start exercising again to firm up. It all takes time. I can tell you I feel so much better than I did and I have received so many compliments.

When you look at my pic you can see a huge difference. I will update another picture at either 4 or 6 weeks.
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My PS said he removed about 6 lbs, but I've lost 17.

That's due to a number of factors - not eating for several days, and then only small meals since then. Once I start exercising more, it's possible I'll be hungrier and eat more. I'd rather lose more.

He did tell me I'd likely GAIN after surgery, as I'd be sitting around doing almost nothing but eating for weeks.

I went for my 8 week checkup today, and I still have swelling in the hips and lower abdomen. That makes my clothes not fit well. My pants are baggy, but not as loose around the waist due to swelling. He told me not to plan buying a new wardrobe until about May, and that swelling should be mostly subsided by 4 to 6 months.

My old sweats and looser PJ pants pretty much fall off, so I've got rid of most of those. I can still wear my jeans, due to the waist, although the hips and bum are baggy. Actually, they are loose around the waist, but the stingy sensation of nerve endings there, makes it uncomfortable to change to anything tighter.

On the plus side, I can fit into a slim cocktail dress that I haven't fit since about 1995.

It varies from person to person.
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Not sure if my experience will help you either. I had very little to almost no swelling at all; fit into my smallest clothes at 3 weeks post-op and I lost 10lbs during my recovery process, mostly because I didn't have much of an appetite.

My best guess is that everyone's recovery is very different.
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I would say don't expect to fit in your clothes for the first 6 weeks or so. Some women say longer. Your clothes will probably not fit at first because of swelling, then should feel somewhat roomy after the swelling subsides. The reviews are mixed because everyone heals differently. This would be a great question for your plastic surgeon, as well. Hope this helps!

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Well I don't know if this will be helpful to you or not but....I've lost 6lbs since surgery, I do have some swelling but its not alot alot. so when the swelling goes down I will actually probably weigh less then I think. It is completely normal after any surgery to gain weight, when I had a previous hernia surgery I gained 8lbs and freaked but lost it all within the first 2 weeks. It was just extra air, fluids, and swelling. I personally think it all depends on the person, since surgery I can't eat too much because I feel "stuffed" so I have been eating very healthy and small meals. Drinking only water (sometimes juice and 1 time some sprite for upset tummy) and being active-no exercise but I've been walking around and chasing my 2 toddlers LOL. so that too will def have an impact I believe-hope this helps!
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oh I forgot I'm almost 4 weeks post op had my FTT march 1st
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I havent yet had my TT so, I can't speak from experience... However, the people can not fit into their clothes is due to the post-op swelling. Unfortunatly this swelling can last anywhere from 4 weeks to several months... this is definately something that varies person to person. Also, I think the whole weight loss thing also depends largely on well... how large you are! Lol If you are 110lbs and just have saggy loose skin... you are probably not going to see as much of a difference on the scale as someone larger with alot more skin/fat that is removed. As far as weight gain from a a TT... the procedure itself is not going to cause you to gain any weight (aside from temp swelling)... Its not possible to take something off and weigh more.
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