Mixed messages about fixing crooked nose?

  • speedy
  • NY
  • 4 years ago

I have a crooked nose off to one side and a deviated sectum. My Doctor who I had a consultation with is "I think" telling me although he's going to straighting out my nose doing open surgery that it may still be crooked or become crooked because of my cartalage being like clay may move back! What are the statistics of this happening again? what precactions are taken so this doesnt most likey happen again? I understand he must say this so I'm not disappointed but it doesnt really make me look forward to getting this done.

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Hi Speedy, The septal cartilage can bend from memory, but usually surgical steps are used during septoplasty to keep this from happening. Good luck and be well.
Thanks Michael for your comment. I did actually have this done 3 weeks ago and my nose is alot straighter and pretty much all the swallon went away. I HIGHLY reccomend this surgery... The confusion I still have though IS can the Septum become just crooked again just on the inside because of the cartilage memory OR the bone itself that made the outside looked crooked? Thx in advance
HI JD, If your nose bothers you a great deal, then it is worth taking the risk of surgery with the possibility that it may not turn out satisfactory. Most likely your nose will be improved. Best to discuss this with your surgeon. Good luck and be well. Dr. P