Anyone that had no or minimal side effects?

  • melana
  • 3 years ago

How many of you had no side affects after the treatment? Or just minimal? My Dr. said I can return to work right after the treatment, and no one would notice what I did on my lunch break. I am getting my nasolabial folds treated, and only need very little radiesse. What was your experience right after the injections? Thank you.

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I've had many Radiesse treatments. It's important to understand that your facial features are being altered by a foreign product by human hands.

There's a probability that you will experience minimal swelling that may or may not be noticeable, on the other hand - there may be immediate side effects that take a bit of time to subside.

Even assuming that you have the best possible injector; do understand that there are possible side effects that take time to subside.

I respond to the product well - and I have a great injector. If I experience redness or bruising, I'm prepared to wear coverup while out in public.

After all, a needle is being inserted into my face with a foreign substance injected into my body. The possibility for consequence doesn't concern me - and I'm comfortable compensating for side effects.

The reality of a possible consequence, is there - thankfully, the results have always been outstanding.

- C
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I had Radiesse for marionette lines as Perlany no longer did the job. I wasn't told about bruising and went to lunch with some high school friends I hadn't seen in years. Went to the restroom and was surprised to see really ugly bruising on both sides of my face! Had to get some really heavy duty cover-up that only worked fair at best! The bruising lasted almost a week. And two weeks later, I see no diffeence!!
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