has anyone had mini tummy tuck and belly button done from underneath?

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  • 2 years ago

how did it turn out?  I did not have a lot of skin under bbb after 3 c-sections and i did not want my bb lowered as i thought would look funny so doc pulled down - lot of tension on my bb and he made a hood at the top - seemed weird way to do it and I fear it looks little strange - he anchored my bb rather than let it float down loose and natural so it is very firm with a pronounced hood

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issue too is that the hood makes me look like have an innie and i had a tenny tiny flat bb before kids so it is really different to me??

Totally understandable. Going on a consultation or two would probably help you because the doctor could describe in person what she or he could do for you.

yes i will - hard to tell from picture, but i have incredible muscle tone now - all of my muscles show liek a 6 pack and my scar looks invisible - i do have a small purple indent up top derm said should fade over time - i think bb is from where he pulled down because I wouldn't let him lower it and I didn't have much skin at bottom after 3 c-sections - it is just a bit weird because he made a big hood over top i guess since i wouldn't let him lower it - just not sure messing with it would be better - still don't want it lower, but with little skin at bottom it does pull

Hi there!

It looks like you got some good doctor answers to your question there. Seems like a revision might be what you want.

Good luck and please let us know if you go this route.


not sure what a revision would entail or what I should expect bb to look like so am afraid