Mini Tummy Tuck 3/27/12

  • maya_zoye
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  • 2 years ago

Hello ! I am getting my mini tuck next week. My doctor indicated that repairing the abdominal muscles, removing any excess fat is all part of the procedure, so I am excited ! Basically all the below will be done 1. Fat removal on upper and lower abdomen as required 2. muscle repair on upper and lower 3. loose skin removal    I am also getting the lipo of my thighs at the same time.   While I am excited about the surgery I am worried about the post operative care. I have 2 kids 5 and 4 and a 2 storey house. My husband will be there to help with the kids. I dont like the idea of wearing the compression garment for 24 hours. Anyone know for how many days you wear that ?    Also I am returning to work in 5 days. I have a desk job.    I am so looking forward to it but at the same time scared ! I am preparing all my kids meals before the surgery and finishing all laundry and stuff before.    Anyone want to be part of this journey with me ?    Thanks, Maya

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So happy for you. Keep us posted on your recovery. I was scheduled for tt with lipo on flanks and upper n lower stomach on Apr4. I came down with a cold the wek befor and decided to take a few days off to nurse my cold. My husband heard my coughing and told me that even though i did not have a fever i would be in a lot of pain coughing post surgery. He said that when he had a hernia surgery and had to cough and sneeze it was very painful. I had gotten worse the week of my surgery date and the cold was deep in the chest so i cancelled. I was so sad. I scheduled 3 weeks vacation around my sons sprong break and made all kinds of excuses at work and with relatives. I decided not to tell anyone cuz of the comments i got 6 yrs ago when i got my ba done. Well now i gotta try again. Hopefully i can do it in july. My bday was a day after my sch surgery. My gift to myself. I turned 55. Im 5'1 and 133 lbs. Im petite and fit eveywher but the sagging skin in the tummy and really no waist. I have two generations of children and the last one was born when i was 40. I gained weight and kept that weight on for about 8 years. I finally lost 42lbs 7 years ago and no matter how much i work out i couldnt get my middle to look decent. So happy to see all the success of you ladies and hope to soon join you.
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Thanks Angie. I had my mini tummy tuck done yesterday ! My surgery went well and I came home in 1 hour. I was still dizzy and thought I was dehydrated so I drank some water and the next thing I know I wanted to throw up and I did. It was because of the anasthesia . After that I felt better. After resting for a little bit, I was fine. I walked to/fro the bathroom, went downstairs and even did a few dishes and came back upstairs and rested. I just took extra strength tylenol for my pain.The main discomfort is when I am trying to get up and then when I want to change positions or lie down. Other than that its okay. I tried to look at my lower belly and it does not look good, so I decided not to look at it as I may feel depressed.

Its over 27 hours since my surgery and at this point, mentally I am fine but my belly is hurting. The only pain medications I have taken is extra strength tylenol. I ate pretty good today - pasta, sandwich, chicken patties and sugar free jello. I cant wait for tomorrow(Sunday) to see how I feel. I have some itching and tingling inside my compression garment and I am so urged to scratch but resisting it. I

I go to the doctor's office on Monday morning to get my drains out. I plan on driving myself because I have no one to drive me, so I am hoping I feel good enough to drive on Monday. If I dont feel up to it, I will get a cab.

I am very curious to know how the pain is on day 3 and day 4. Any ladies if you can reply that will be very helpful.
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Hi there and welcome to RealSelf! I'm a little concerned about your only taking 5 days off work. You might need more than that. Hopefully you have the flexibility to take a little more time if you need it?

You should ask your doctors about the compression garment. I'm not sure how long it is required after a mini TT.

You look like a great candidate for this and I hope you're thrilled to pieces with your results! Please let us know!

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