Mini Tuck, Lipo, Ba with Bl, and Fat Transfer?

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Hi all! I'm scheduled for a mini tuck, lipo with transfer to butt and breast lift with small augmentation and want feedback on recovery tips and positioning for rest. I'm excited yet nervous about the pain and recovery. I have scheduled 2 weeks off from work. Pls post personal experiences if any available. Thank you. Hope everyone had a safe holiday season.

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So , how did you end up doing? And how does everything look. I am scheduled for mini TT and BA (you commented on my other page) on Feb 18th. Love this forum....really makes me deal with my anxiety. Also, how long till you felt able to drive and do normal every day tasks? TK!
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Hi momofthreez- everything went well. I did the breast lift with augmentation, mini tuck and lipo to flanks. Didn't do the fat transfer cus I couldn't even imagine how I would position myself to rest. I'm happy with my results. Removing fat from the flanks gave me the results I wanted providing me good shape and makes the buttock look much nicer too.. The transfer would probably have made me look too obvious. I'm an ER nurse so 2 weeks off was ok. 2.5 would have been great. I'm now 3 weeks post op and feel so much better. Swelling is reducing well. I only remove my CG for showers and to wash it and my boobs still bother me at times (feels like their filling up with breast milk) that kind of feeling. The extremely cold weather is brutal on my incisions but all I can say is the feeling has gotten better each week. My tips are to buy the arnica and bromelain pills, Gatorade, vitamin C and stay super well hydrated. Appetite is very poor after surgery so hydration is so important. I began driving a week later with caution since steering the wheel felt weird but now I feel normal at that again. All I can say is that each week I notice improvement both esthetically and physically. U will do great.
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Hi there and thanks for posting on RealSelf,

If you haven't already, be sure to sift through the review community for lots of real life experience stories.

Here's a great list of supplies you may need for recovery.

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