I have a mild case of Lupus, is it safe to get Memory gel breast implants?

  • jwhit
  • California
  • 4 years ago

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hi, i have lupus also and im 20 years old im jw if you had ever had any surgery and how did it go i want to get a tummy tuck just had a baby about a year ago just want to know if their is anybody out their with lupus who had surgey and has done fine..
Hi, I have Lupus and just had a TT. Everything went well for me, did not have any complications. Make sure you're in remission and that all your docs know about it. What kind of Lupus do you have?? Go to my link and you'll find more details, if you have any more questions you can leave me a message. I'm also going to get a BA soon, when are you planning yours?? reply
Hi, can you please tell me if you had your surgery, if so..how did it go? I also have Lupus(SLE) I have been in remission for about 1yr now. I really want to get silicone implants, please let me know. Thanks