• Mindwhirl
  • 2 years ago

I would like to know whether or not anyone who had migraines prior to their BR noticed any difference after surgery? Thanks!

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Thank you for your responses!

I haven't had my period other since right after surgery, which is a prime time for me. I did have migraines most weeks 1-5 times each week prior to surgery.

Since surgery I have had only 2, but I hadn't drank much water 1 day. They were very mild and might not even have been actual migraines.

Mine often start as tension between my shoulders.

I was just wondering about anyone else's experiences.

I hope the 2.5 weeks without that excruciating, nauseating pain is not just a fluke. Only time will tell!
I wish I could say my headaches were gone but unfortunately for me this is not the case! I always knew it was a bit of a pipe dream though, as mine only come on a specific day in my cycle. One a month, on that day, like clock work. Oh well. I guess not everything is breast related.
I have chronic migraines and am on prescription meds to help control them. I had a whopper of a migraine yesterday when I came out of anesthesia, I should have come home around 3pm and didn't get released until after 11pm because of the headache and vomiting. My suggestion is to speak with your surgeon and have a plan in place for them to give you something that works for you right away if you get a migraine. They kept giving me Morphine and Nubain when I really needed some Imitrex or Relpax. I finally pleaded to go home, took my own meds at home and now I feel fine.