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Mid face section continues to look old after LSL

  • Klarissa
  • Kansas City
  • 6 years ago

I got the Lifestyle lift and it took care of the neck and the jowls. MY PS does also other proceedings not just the LSL. However, my mid face looks just as old as before.

The ladies working at the LSL center told me that the LSL takes also pretty good care of sagging skin in the mid area, e.g. frown lines. It seems to me as if my doc didn't pull any muscle or skin to smoothen my mid face section.

I got lots of stitches around the ears but the skin or the muscle is not pulled back from the mid section. I don't understand this. I have my last appointment on Wednesday. I am very unhappy with my mid face area like before the surgery.

What would you do? And do you think the PS should charge me then extra? Klarissa

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Dear Clarissa It sounds like you had a lower face lift. It does not lift the cheek tissues. You may need to have a slightly more extensive lift done to lift up the cheek. Unfortunately it requires re-opening the original incisions. I suggest you speak to the surgeon who performed your surgery and discuss the options with them. Otherwise you may need another procedure to address the concerns.
I am suppose to go to Atlanta, Georgia to have my jowls, and neck lifted, but I am a little confused about what the mid face is.