Have Anyone Been Mexico to have surgery?

  • Ms othello
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1 year ago

Hello everyone, I enjoy reading up on  my fellow sisters.  It is good to have people who want the same thing. I'm 41 yrs of age and would like to revamp my body, i did have lipo before about 12 yrs ago and it was not worth it at all.My biggest compliant was the fat on my back, I can't stand it.  I had lipo and it did nothing so I am going again but this time I want the works.  My friend said why waste your fat get a BBL, so tnere it is. So now I want it done also a breast reduction.  I got a quote from a PS in Mexico and it sounds but my husband said I was crazy to go there. Can anyone give me any positive comments? thanks                

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Hello Ms othello, how are you doing? Welcome to real self.
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Hello thank you, glad to be here . I had been back and forth on this site reading comments and gaining alot of useful information. I'm looking for some travel buddies for april to Dr Yily
hellooo, i have my date set for feb 21 and yes im going to mexico to dr guterriez i was scared at first but i go to san deigo 25 min to Tijuana a driver will pick me up take me to surgery and after take me back to my hotel after kit what part of mexico r u going to??
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I got information from Dr Campos but he was a little pricey and the plane ticket is more than the DR
How much is dr plane ticket
I went to tj too doll i lov my dr
It,s a good new for me thank you for sharing this , I want to do lipo on weight loss surgery in mexico
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Hi there, welcome!

A number of community members use surgeons in Mexico and other places, such as the Dominican Republic. You can read reviews for some of these doctors by using the links below. The reviews are from patients and are true descriptions of their experiences.

Dr. Jaime Campos Leon

Dr. Walkiris Robles

Dr. Laura Carmina Cardenas

Hope this helps!

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