Anyone Go Alone to Mexico with Dr. Pantoja for BBL?

  • booty4thiscutie
  • chicago
  • 1 year ago

So I am new to this site, but already picked my doc for my BBL from all the feed back and pics from the different docs you ladies went to. I really wanted Dr. Salama but will not pay that amount, that's nuts! Dr. Campos gave me a estimate of only 600-700 cc's per cheek so eff that, lol. Noooooow Dr. Pantoja gave me a  GREAT price and will lipo everything i want lipo'd and told me he can get 800-1000cc's , I WAS SOLD...!!!! I am going to gain a littkle weight a couple weeks before my surgery which I plan on doing this March....wooot wooot..!!! The only down part is I will be going alone...I am so nerves about that my dad says people get kidnapped all the time there, and they will take me & sell me, I'm like OMG that sounds like a movie but it does scare me. Also I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter and going alone will make me miss her al that much more I'm kinda worried I'll get a little deppressed going alone. Sooooo I figured maybe i should only stay out there for 5 days. Can anyone relate to me?? Also has anyone went to DR.P?? Photo's?? Thanks ladies ;)