Mentor Memory Gel high or mod plus profile above the muscle revision

  • kiwi6
  • Marietta, GA
  • 11 months ago

 I'm having surgery on Thursday 12/19/13 for revision due to capsular contraction. Still haven't ordered implants because I am so confused. GOT TO ORDER ON MONDAY 12/16/13......62 years old,5"5",145-150lbs, never pregnant, long waisted, 34"under breasts, 40"  around breasts.  Getting 3rd implant surgery.    I have 385cc above the muscle unknown profile. My choices are above the muscle Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round silicone..400cc High profile, 375cc high, or 375cc moderate plus. Read so much and looked at so many boobs over the pasts weeks, I 'm boobed out. I just want to look like I do now without the hard capsules. I have to go above the muscle because they have been there for 32 years. ........ Got 1st smooth round silicone implants in 1981 subglandular by one of the top reconstructive plastic surgeons (older) at Duke University Med Ctr. 185cc very far apart. I was 30yrs118lbs and padded A cup bras wrinkled up on me. Just wanted to look normal. .........1991 40 yrs old working out, low fat and encapsulated implants looked like baseballs and hurt. Saw Dr. about 35-40yo told him I just wanted to look round and a good normal. He said they couldn't go under muscle or I would have loose skin hanging off my chest. He wanted to make my breasts big but I didn't want that. His idea of not big was 385cc Replicon smooth silicone covered in polyurethane. I got use to them. Excellent implant but was recalled month after I got it due to FDA silicone hysteria. They still use them in Europe. After 22 yrs, I would still get them if available. ......2013 subglandular and looked some saggy (62 years old, never wore bras) and hard, left top unnatural profile due to capsule. ............    Saw two surgeons. One is 38 years old, grad med school 2001, exceptional training, still passionate about his work / high energy and he measured me. Has personal preference is high profile for his patients. He wrote Rx for Mentor MemoryGel 375 High Profile. (have 385 don't know profile) I asked about if it would be a good idea to go to 400cc to make up for the sagging and scare tissue removal. Said 15cc isn't much difference. So, he changed Rx to 400cc High Profile...... He told me about second doc if I wanted a second opinion to put my mind at ease. My mind will never be at ease and it only confused me............ My second opinion PS is about 63 yr, grad med school 1976, exceptional reputation, lay back, he didn't measure me. His personal preference is Mentor Mod+ profile for his patients. Doesn't use high profile except with mastectomy reconstruction. He asked did I want to keep carrying those breasts around and didn't they get in my way. Told him they were larger than I originally wanted but I am use to them. He suggested I go with the Mentor MemoryGel 350cc Mod+ profile to look more natural (have 385cc). I said I am already sagging wouldn't that make it worse. Yes more sagging but more natural looking. If women wanted to look natural, they wouldn't wear bras. I don't think most 62 year old women would want to look "natural". But he did made me think that going up to 400cc to fill out my breasts more might not be a good idea because I am going to continue ageing. Thinner skin, less elasticity, wrinkles. I don't want to look ridiculous. When wearing clothes, I look like I am wearing a very good bra but I am braless.  But he wanted to deflate me from my 385cc to 350cc mod+ and sag more. That didn't make sense to accelerate the sagging process by deflating me. I'm not even considering that. I have not worn bras since I got implants so I have probably still sagged less than normal even though it was subgland. I should start wearing a bra because I don't want more surgeries and I have to let nature take its course sometime. Even though most docs don't do subglandular anymore and they say they don't hold up well, I think mine did. I had never experienced my breasts over lapping my chest until lately. I don't like how it feels so I would have checked into bras even without the need for the replacement and removal of the scare tissue.  I never had children and I never lost weight. I was skinny and I have slowly gained weight over the last 22 years. My best advice is to stay at or above your current weight forever. Always be at your top weight.  It acts as natural filler for all your skin including your face. If your young, lose weight now while your skin is tight and don't go up and down. Weigh everyday if you have to. When I go to the store, I say to myself. "If I don't buy it, I can't wear it". .....Please help me decide what to do. The young Dr. who likes high profile is doing the surgery but he is willing to use Mod+. I don't know what would give me the closest to what I have now. I would rather not look any more fake than I do now. I don't know if he naturally prefers high to mod+ I will get the best placement. I don't know how much of the final outcome is the cc, profile, placement, positioning and in the Dr. opinion of what looks good during the surgery. I'm sure his work will look good either way, but if he leans towards high, couldn't that affect the outcome if he uses Mod+. I have to find a happy balance. ....RANDOM BACKGROUND ...This is why the inside of my house is the original construction off white color and it took many hours at the paint store to choose my outside paint. I can't make decisions. But these things have to be traded out and I hate I have to part of the decision making process. At this point, I just want to say, "whatever" and just show up. Why it is so hard for me is I worked in a hospital for 8 years and I have seen a lot.  I can't go by young, old, experience, fancy office, smooth bedside manner or salesmanship, etc. My last surgery was for acid reflux and they were suppose to go in through my navel orthoscopicaly with minimal scaring. This older experienced well known surgeon punctured may spleen with the instrument, had to do emergency surgery cutting me open from my navel to my sternum, tried to save my spleen but it was beyond repair, so, he removed my spleen and give me blood transfusions. I was suppose to be in and out in less than 23 hours but I was in there for a week on heavy IV pain meds. Another time, I woke up during surgery and couldn't move to tell anyone. I could hear them talking. When, I could finally make a noise, they put me under. To say I am terrified of this or any surgery, is an understatement. One reason I am going with my PS is he is covered under my health insurance plan. I trust him as much as I could anyone.  Even though the insurance is only covering the removal and I have to pay for the new implants, If I go somewhere else, and something bad happened again, I would have to pay out of pocket and possibly lose my house.  Any thoughts about the profile would be appreciated. Thank you.