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MENS ROOM: Guys Want To Look Good Too.

  • 2 years ago

Dudes, the mirror in bathroom treats us equally. I wasn't pregnant with any of my kids but carried the beer gut as if I was pregnant for over 30 years. The intra-abdominal fat stretched out my muscles, raised my blood pressure, flooded me with cholesterol, put my man thing into early retirement, had the doctor nagging on me like we were married, and kept costing me as much money as a kid. The term "Tummy Tuck" and "Mommy Makeover" created a mental barrier towards wanting the flat abs I had a long long time ago. From here on out it's "ABSCAPE", the abdominoplasty procedure for men.   I am 52, 5'11", 175 pounds. I lost 50 pounds doing what some Tv Dr. suggested; I eliminated 500 calories a day, exercised 3 days a week, and I lost 2-3 pounds a month. All of a sudden a year went by without much notice, and then another few months and I was down to 190 pounds. I also have an "obsession and allergy" with alcohol and joined some other folks in getting sober. BAM! another 15 pounds fell of me in 6 weeks with no effort than staying sober one day at a time. It's now been a year and the weight is maintained, my sobriety is solid for one more day, and my ABSCAPE procedure is scheduled for this Thursday July 16, 2012. There is some difference in our physical beings in relation to the opposite sex. there also seems to be some differences in recovery, outcome, and reasons over 6000 men in the U.S. last year had this procedure done. Post it here: 1.Why did you choose this procedure? 2.What was the consult like? 3.Did/are you sharing this with anyone? 4.What was your experience like?, or link to your review and we'll check it out. 5. What are your expectations? Welcome to THE MENS ROOM.