Can Men Tell when You've Add a Breast Augmentation?

  • Crazygirl202
  • 2 years ago

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Are you asking by touching? or by just looking? BY looking, i had my 450cc's in and i can't tell u how many of my good guy friends never even knew i had them. BY touching i'm pretty sure u can tell becsause even tho they are soft it does not feel like real breasts. imo
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I re-read my comment from yesterday, and it came across as flippant, so I want to add to it. I, like you probably, have read accounts of men who could tell and men who couldn't tell and what their various reactions were when they learned of the implants. For me, anyway, this is what I think: If a man is going to judge me negatively for doing it, he would not be the kind of man I would want to be with anyway. But that's just me. I really do not like to be around people who are judgmental in the non-essentials of life. So if you stumble across a man who berates you for having them, my advice would be to move on to a less intolerant man. There's plenty of fish in the sea, especially when you look good!
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Some can, some can't.
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From the guys I've talked to, it's been a moot point. They like a woman with nicer breasts and do not care if they are augmented. Some men even prefer them!