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Vi peel for melasma and vitiligo on face

  • 7581anon
  • Orlando, Fl
  • 4 years ago

I am thinking about the VIPeel. Does anyone have experience with this?

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I have had melasma for years, and my co-worker recommended the Lady Soma Renewal Serum (which helped her sister with her melasma). I have been using it now for around three weeks.My spots are gradually fading.One is almost gone. I use it in the morning under sunscreen-I dab the product on the spots and gently rub it in.Then put sunscreen and my make up over it.It absorbs well,smells delicate-no burning or irritation.It is not an overnight miracle-but it is working. You will see a difference within a week or so.If it continues working I believe my spots will be gone in a few months.
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It will help, yes. It dramatically improved my overall appearance.
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Doing this peel was the WORSE thing that I ever did to my face. I just wanted my face to be brighter and get ride of a pimple scar that I had on my cheek. I did this peel twice. The first time I finished peeling, I broke out all over my cheeks and my face was an uneven color. It was suggested that I do the peel again, so 2 weeks later, I did it again and the results were 10 times worse than the first time! I got dark marks all around my mouth and my scars got worse. I emailed Dr. K about the results and he said that I should have been given bleaching cream to avoid hyperpigmentation. So I have to purchase bleaching cream on top of the extremely expensive VI Peel? He also blamed it on my saying that this was caused because I didn't use the aftercare products that were given to me. I DID use the products and I think it was just an excuse. I would NOT recommend this peel based on my experience.
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Vi peel did the same thing for me. i only had very faint melasma on the apple of cheeks.not really noticeable, but i wanted to have flawless skin, so i tried the peel. the result was devastating... the peel left me dark patches and strips all over my face. at that point i just wanted to die. to this date i don't think about it. it was very traumatic incident for me. now my face is flawless after having Obagi's Nuderm treatment. it was long, but totally worth it. if you live in SoCal go see him in Beverly Hills.
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Hey there, I have the miserable melasma, too. It started popping up here and there on my face 3 years ago. I've had microdermabrasion, chemical peels, meso injections (like using a staple gun in all the spots with treatment injected...painful beyond compare), & laser treatments. I have olive skin so I look sick without a little color but I've suffered staying out of the sun (no exceptions). If I HAVE to be outside for an unavoidable reason, I wear a hat & I wear obagi's extra sunblock (the one with gobs of zinc oxide that makes your face white)every single day...even when I don't leave the house! I even got off birth control as a last resort. I have been using obagi for a little over a year now but my melasma hasn't gotten any better (although I've heard & seen awesome results on others). How long did it take your obagi to "kick in"? Was there any special trick they suggested? There has to be something out there that works to significantly improve this condition...does anyone know of anything else that has had great results? I've spent SOO much money with minimal (if any) lightening of the spots...I'm actually afraid that all the treatments with the laser & meso injections may have worsened it. I live in the south but would even be willing to go elsewhere if I had a guarantee that someone else had something that could give me some hope. I just don't want it to worsen again because of what I'm doing to treat it! SUGGESTIONS??? Thanks!!
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I can't express enough how much I understand your situation. I too have done all the thing you have mentioned. I am 39 and have been dealing with this since about 24 or so. Was told it was birth control pills, quit, still no improvement. Did hydroquinolone and glycolic creams, made it worse because my skin got soo thin, thus early aging. Still having a problem with this till this day. Spend literally thousands on peels, laser, creams, you name it. I don't know about the meso effects, but be very careful about peels and glycolic type creams. Your skin will get too thin, look saggy, and be even more sensitive to the sun (my personal experience). Lasers are fine if not done too deep, but my experience is that it only lasts maybe a couple of months before pigment comes back. Self tanners are ok or getting the mystic tan done will help camoflage the areas (a little). One esthetician told me that a phenol peel is the only thing close to fixing the problem but that it will literally bleach all the color out of your skin (like Michael Jackson) - no thanks. Want to try the vipeel but have heard mixed reviews. By the way I have acne and premature aging on top of this. Try anthelios by LaRoche Posay sunscreen, I use the 60 strength and tinted. Hope this helps, if you find out any new ways to get rid of this, please send in comment.
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