Melasma fading!

  • KT2014
  • 3 months ago

My melasma is starting to break up and it's only been a week! Bear in mind ACV is not the only answer to finding melasma relief. You need to address Hormones/GI/Liver Function (Adrenals, Thyroid) (Digestion, Diet), (Detox systems in Liver and Kidneys)So after doing diligent research on melasma, I firmly believe it's a Hormonal/GI issue. Ridding yourself of it is a two step process which does require some patience. The objective is to treat internally and externally!Through personal experience my melasma appeared after a tick born disease (Lyme Disease) disrupted the polarity of my body. Many of those who suffer with chronic lyme disease will experience abnormal mineral and vitamin deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues which ultimately leads to hormonal imbalance. In my case, I am deficient in Magnesium and B vitamins. Thus, I add a B complex and Potassium Magnesium Aspartate and another Magnesium to balance thisAddressing the hormonal issue- Make sure you get a saliva test done. I treat my adrenals because I suffer from adrenal fatigue (also linked to melasma) and treat to lower my copper levels.Because I'm considered estrogen dominant (High copper levels) and it's common symptoms of ED can be seen with inflamed Hormonal breakouts on chin and jaw area, terrible menstrual cramping, and abnormal PMS. Copper is a huge factor in those suffering from melasma. I use Zinc to lower my levels.The GI is also a delicate system to address. I stick to a low residue diet, drink Aloe Juice (alotonin-free) and taking a pro-biotic is crucial!!! Water is the catalyst that will allow detox- please don't forget that!Diet: Avoid*Refrain from beans, grains and nuts- very hard on Intestines*Refrain from nutrients high in copper (Fish, Nuts, Seeds)*Refrain from Dairy -taxing on the GI system due to it's casein protein. *Eliminate Caffeine/Alcohol/Chocolate*Pay attention to your daily sugar content. (Avg. person should have no more than 30 grams per day and that should come *from fruits and veggies)- Remember, Carbohydrates turn in to sugar!!! (Carbohydrate intake affect adrenals- do be mindful of this)Diet: Low Residue*Shift to a Paleo Diet- animal protein (eggs, poultry, red meat) and steamed veggies, leafy veggies, low sugar fruits- raspberries/blueberries *Finish your last meal no later than 7pm (2-3 hours before bed). (This allows your GI system to break down the food matter without taxing your system while you sleep)* Eat every three hours to support adrenals/cortisol* 3-4 Liters of Water throughout the day* 1 1/2 oz of cold pressed carrot juice 3-4x's per week* Sleep (at least 7 hours per night)Here are my supplement steps-1. Aloe Juice 1/2 oz and 1 cap of Probiotic and 2 caps of Adrenal Support (AM), 1 cap of Milk Thistle (AM/PM)2. 1 tsp Cod Liver Oil (AM)3. 15 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (Mid)4. 1/4 tsp MSM powder and 2,500 mg of Vitamin C with Magnesium (Late Morning) (Evening)5. Zinc 50 mg. (Evening)- take with Food!!!)Topically-1. Wash my skin AM/PM with Sulfur soap (leave soap on face for 30/60 seconds after massaging into skin)2. Tone skin with ACV AM/PM3. Small amount of MSM cream all over face.4. Zinc oxide/Physical sunblock for faceAll in all, this regimen is doing two things- fading my melasma and addressing hormonal acne. This is amazing!!! Once you finally get to the root of the cause your world opens up again! You feel like your back in control.