Medicaid to cover breast reduction/lift?

  • MIV2009
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  • 4 years ago

I was a size 34 dd and went up to a 34 ddd after having my two kids. My breast never botherd me before but after having my children it sags down, weighting me down. Since they are large and hang, my shoulder has dents from the bra straps. When my bra is on my breast does not weight me down or cause me any pain. I would really want to get them lifted and slightly reduce going back to my old size. Will medicaid pay for this? Any doctor know of one that can help me within NYC area.

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Will medicade cover the cost of a breast reduction/lift? Im 18, I had my first son 2 years ago, Im in a 36c and my breasts are sagging. They were sagging even before I got pregnant. Iv always felt uncomfortable about my breasts and maybe from the sagging is whats causing my back to hurt all the time, iv looked into it before but i really cant afford to do it on my own.