Meals post-op if you live alone?

  • Met A. Morphosis
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone, this is a question for those who have had BR surgery and live alone. my surgery is this coming Thursday--yikes--and I'm not sure how i'm going to manage food prep/eating after the operation.  Since i live alone, doc said I should have someone to stay with for a couple of days, so either a friend will come down from New York or I will go to the house of a friend's parents in Virginia. In either scenario I am concerned about having nice, fresh, nutritious food for healing without it being trouble to prepare.    Wondering about experience of others--were you hungry at all?  What kind of food did you crave, and how did you prepare beforehand?  How long until you were able to prepare your own food? I have to prepare everything in advance tomorrow so any tips/encouaragement appreciated. xxM

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I hope you are doing well please pop in when you are feeling up to it and let us know how things are. Sorry I do not have any concrete answers but. I myself plan on having no refrigerated things, crackers fruit so I can have something in my stomach while taking medications without pulling on the fridge handle :) Hope you are well.
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