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How many meals should I plan to make ahead?

  • mom23monkeys
  • 3 years ago

Hi all!  So I am planner by nature.  So I am in the planning stages for my meals to have after my TT.  I am wondering how many meals I should plan ahead?  How many weeks do I plan?  1 or 2?  Will I be able to do any cooking after the first week?  Just curious what other's experience has been and if anyone would be able to share any of their make ahead meals that they made or meal plans that they followed?  My goal is to have a very low sodium diet and to stay away from any high inflammation foods. Here is my plan so far: Breakfast Fruit – Banana/Apples/Pineapple/Cantelopes/Grapes *Protein pancakes (made with no salt cottage cheese, oatmeal and egg whites) Snacks *Hummus w/sliced veggies (bell peppers and carrots) Protein shakes Edamame Almonds (no salt) Fruit Lunch/Dinner Tuna with Red Wine vinegar dressing *Baked chicken with no salt seasoning; Quinoa and Lentil salad Steamed Shrimp with Lime and no salt seasoning; Quinoa and Lentil salad Tilapia with no salt seasoning; Quinoa and Lentil salad *Homemade Chicken soup   * items to be frozen ahead of time Thanks!