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Massage therapy for scar healing?

  • Kanajune
  • Maple Valley, WA
  • 4 years ago

I am most fortunate to have a massage therapist boyfriend, he asked about the best way to help me heal and reduce scarring, so I said I'd post the question to my "experts" here. I have bought the Palmers, Bio Oil and Mederma already for my Dec 16 TT and lipo.

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Wow, that sounds wonderful. I wanna massage, too. Great idea.

Oh yes go for the massage.  It does feel wonderful and it will help you heal.

I am jealous..a boyfriend who is a massage therapist...Nice.   I have a massage every week and have done so since three weeks post op.  It feels like heaven!  Have him focus on the incision and lipo areas using circular motion on the sites.  It helps greatly in the healing process.  Enjoy!!!