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anyone know how to massage your eyes after double bleph & ptosis repair

  • apprehensive
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 3 years ago

keep reading MD's post that says to massage you eyes forswelling and minor ectropian, however it is not stated how to do this. I asked my ops about massaging and he just said "you can if you want" with no instructions

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Hi apprehensive,

This was what I was told to do: massage your lids by running the pad of a finger very gently back and forth over the scar. The skin will move around a bit but you don't want any actual tugging of the skin. Do this every day for at least a total of 5-10 minutes per eye. To reduce friction make sure that your finger and lid are dry and free of oil. Conversely, you can use some oil to make the skin slippery. My eyes always sting and the lids get puffy if I put any products on them, so I didn't do this. Good luck!