Massage after face lift

  • bellac01
  • 2 years ago

I am on day 14 after my chin lift and lower face lift.  I had a terrible time with swelling, bruising and some hard scabs by my ear. I do feel better today and my PS nurse told me to do light massage for the bruising and swelling.  Is there any special method that one uses.  Right now I take a warm shower and let the water fall on my face.  Then with a baby washcloth I gently massage with small circular movements the areas that are swollen and bruised,(which is most of my face but getting better each day) rinse with shower and that is it.   I would like to do it before bed but not sure about just how to do it out of the shower. What should I use for lubrication? Also, in mid afternoon my face tightens up.  My PS told me it is edema and if I need to use cold.  HOT Cold just what is going on?      

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Massage ST3 ,BL2 ,ST6,BL1 on your face.It will help you.
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I have heard lymphatic massage really helps. I was afraid to touch and move things with my facelift . Didnt want to wreak what was done. I had scabs in my head along the incision line for quite a while. Gradually they fell off. I wanted to pick but again didnt want to cause damage. Now 6 months all is great. Just numb a bit on the sides of my face. I hear that can take 6-12 months for the final results.
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HI, I am 3-weeks post opp for a full face/neck lift and extensive revision of a prior nose job. The nose is what caused the majority of my swelling and bruising. but... My doctor, Dr. Menachof in CO. he has a specialist do lymphatic massage with ultrasound once a week. It absolutely helps, the swelling is reduced by the time I leave the appointment (about 20 -25 minutes) . It helps the fluid drain into the lymphatic system. You can look it up on the web, but... after surgery it is strongly suggested that unless you are skilled at the technique that you not do it yourself. It is important that the right amount of pressure and correct direction is used otherwise you can end up blocking and that wont be good. Maybe a PS office in your area has someone who specializes in this type of massage and has the ultrasound machine. Good luck!! ml .
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