Massage after face lift

  • bellac01
  • 2 years ago

I am on day 14 after my chin lift and lower face lift.  I had a terrible time with swelling, bruising and some hard scabs by my ear. I do feel better today and my PS nurse told me to do light massage for the bruising and swelling.  Is there any special method that one uses.  Right now I take a warm shower and let the water fall on my face.  Then with a baby washcloth I gently massage with small circular movements the areas that are swollen and bruised,(which is most of my face but getting better each day) rinse with shower and that is it.   I would like to do it before bed but not sure about just how to do it out of the shower. What should I use for lubrication? Also, in mid afternoon my face tightens up.  My PS told me it is edema and if I need to use cold.  HOT Cold just what is going on?